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Sil-Way Dementia Care Online Course

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The Sil-Way Dementia Care Online Course is currently in its pre-release phase, offering early access at a heavily discounted rate as a token of gratitude for your valuable feedback. As an early participant, you will have the opportunity to help us refine and enhance the course before its official launch, thus making a lasting impact in dementia care.


We designed the Silway Dementia Care Online Course for family members and friends who care for people with dementia and similar cognitive conditions. Developed by leading psychology professionals with decades of experience in the fields of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, this course will help you better understand and car for your loved ones. With expertly crafted modules, practical advice, and a Q&A session, you’ll be able to handle challenging situations with more confidence and ease.

The Sil-Way Dementia Care Online Course is packed with real life cases and step-by-step exercises and will:

    1. equip you with best practice strategies for caring for a person with dementia,
    2. give you best practice advice on managing challenging behavior,
    3. show you ideas for quality time together with your loved one,
    4. provide you with proven tools and strategies to defuse stressful situations,
    5. help you stay connected with your loved one by enhancing your communication skills,
    6. help you improve the quality of life of both you and the person with dementia.

Expressing our gratitude for your valuable feedback on the course content, we’re thrilled to offer you also

  1. LIFETIME ACCESS to the program: Enjoy continuous updates with the latest cutting-edge research in the field of dementia, ensuring you stay at the forefront of caregiving knowledge.
  2. BOARD GAMES DISCOUNT: Exclusive access to heavily discounted board games tailored for individuals with dementia, set to launch in 2024.