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Silver period of life.

Dynamic. Sparkling. Vital.

We are a team with skills and experience that enable a professional selection of products that enrich and ease the everyday lives of individuals in the silver age of life. Due to the lifelong plasticity of the brain, we believe that the mind, like the body, needs training to maintain vitality. We try to pass this understanding as easy as possible to you.

Meet our

professionally qualified team:

Damjana Pangerčič, business studies (MA)
Damjana Pangerčič, business studies (MA)
On the basis of past economy experiences and volunteer work associated with the elderly she tries to adapt her professional knowledge and practice to the needs of the silver period of life.
Samira Lah, psychology (MA)
Samira Lah, psychology (MA)
Professional Associate
She gained knowledge and experience in the field of dementia by conducting workshops on prevention and games for the elderly, through the study of psychology and her personal experience in dealing with dementia.
Tjaša Goljevšček
Tjaša Goljevšček
Professional Associate
For more than over 10 years, she has been working as a director of the home care company trying to achieve a better quality of living of elderly people and people with dementia.  

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Experts' opinions on the meaning of the

active mind:

Many studies find that any activity involving the brain, from the perceptual and the motive, to the mental abilities, and social activity, benefits the brain - it extends the individual's involvement in all life activities and affects the quality of his/her life.

Prof. dr. Vojko Kavčič One of the leading cognitive neuroscientists in the world Wayne State University, Institute of Gerontology

Take care
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Keep a high quality of life. Think, play and hang out. 

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Together with our partners we are here for the better today and tomorrow of the silver period of our lives.