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Join this transformative learning experience and help us shape the future of dementia care. In this course, you will not only gain knowledge and confidence but also contribute to the development of resources for caregivers and individuals impacted by dementia all over the world.

The Sil-Way Dementia Care Online Course is currently in its pre-release phase, offering early access for FREE as a token of gratitude for your valuable feedback. As an early participant, you will have the opportunity to help us refine and enhance the course before its official launch, thus making a lasting impact in dementia care.


Limited spots available. Early access available until Mar 15 or until 50 participants apply.

Who we are?

At Silway Dementia Care, our mission is to empower caregivers and enhance the lives of individuals facing dementia. Founded by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the fields of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss, we are committed to providing comprehensive online courses that go beyond conventional education. 

Pooling their collective expertise of 20 years in the field, they have crafted a comprehensive one-week course that encapsulates their combined wealth of knowledge and experience.

Damjana Pangerčič

Business studies (MA), CEO

Samira Lah

Psychologist (MA), Head of development

Alenka Virant

Andragogy (MA), Companion care expert

Does any of the following sound familiar? If the following story sounds familiar, you are in the right place.

Sarah sat quietly in her favorite armchair, gazing out the window at the garden she had tended to for years. The flowers bloomed brightly in the spring sun, but her mind felt foggy, even confused at times.

Hm. Did she water the roses today …?

Her son, James, walked into the room, a cup of tea in hand. “Here you go, mom,” he said, placing it on the table beside her. Sarah smiled weakly, grateful for his care and support.

As the weeks passed, Sarah’s memory issues became more obvious. Simple tasks like cooking dinner or remembering appointments became challenges. John arranged meals to be delivered to her house and started visiting more.

Somehow, a necklace found its way into the cupboard instead of the jewelry box. Sarah, unable to find her precious necklace, became frustrated and paranoid. John’s wife, Ashley, calmed her down with great difficulty.

Oh my. Is someone walking around her house, stealing her things …?

In September, Sarah stopped going on walks she used to love so much. She tripped and fell down two steps near the river. While she couldn’t fully remember why, she was very wary of going outside again, even with Ashley holding her hand.

No. I’m going to stay in the house. I don’t feel that good outside …

When James and Ashley brought the children to visit their grandma for Christmas, Sarah kept forgetting their names and was repeatedly asking them who they were. This upset everyone and left Sarah feeling ashamed.

I am so embarrassed. These people are looking at me weird, was it something I said …?

In the winter it became obvious that Sarah needed help. But John and Ashley were completely in the dark as to how to help John’s mom. How do they talk to her without upsetting her all the time? How do they motivate her to do things she used to love? Can they do anything to slow down the progression of her illness?

They were worried …

The good news is that there’s now a helpful tool to help the carers of loved ones with dementia: the Sil-Way Dementia Care Online Course.

The Silway Dementia Care Online Course is designed for family members and friends who care for people with dementia (early and middle stage). Developed by leading psychology professionals with decades of experience in the fields of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, this course will help you better understand the symptoms and challenges people with these conditions face.

The Silway Dementia Care Online Course is packed with real life cases and step-by-step exercises and will:


Equip you with best practice strategies for caring for a person with dementia.

Give you best practice advice on managing challenging behaviour.
Show you ideas for quality time together with your loved one.
Provide you with proven tools and strategies to defuse stressful situations.
Help you stay connected with your loved one by enhancing your communication skills.
Help you improve the quality of life of both you and the person with dementia.


Limited spots available. Early access available until Mar 15 or until 50 participants apply.

Why choose the Silway Course over other online sources?

🔓 FREE Access: Seize this limited-time opportunity to dive into the program FREE OF CHARGE. We appreciate your commitment to improving the lives of those with dementia, and as a token of gratitude, we’re offering free access for a limited time.

🌐 Crafted by Leading Psychology Professionals: Developed by a team of seasoned psychology professionals with decades of experience in dementia care, this course is your gateway to a deeper understanding of dementia and its impact on individuals and their families.

📚 Structured Approach: Our course offers a structured, step-by-step approach to dementia care, guiding you through essential topics and strategies in a clear and organized way. From understanding the early signs to managing daily challenges, our step-by-step guide ensures you have the skills needed to provide effective care to your loved one.

⏰ Save Time: With an almost infinite amount of information available online, searching for reliable resources on dementia care can be overwhelming and time-consuming. By enrolling in our course, you can save valuable time by getting all the essential information and practical advice you need in one place.

💕 Your Voice Matters: You are a crucial part of our journey. As an early participant, your feedback will help shape and refine the course content. Share your valuable feedback through a brief survey at the end of the course, helping us refine and improve the program for future participants.

From people who have tried our program:

Key course modules:


Module 1: Mental Well-being

Discover strategies to promote mental clarity, emotional well-being, and a positive and supportive environment for both you and your loved one.


Module 2: Relaxation Techniques

Learn practical relaxation techniques to calm and soothe your loved one, diffuse stressful situations, and foster peace of mind.


Module 3: Physical Well-being

Enhance physical health and vitality with evidence-based practices, from mobility exercises to nutrition guidance.


Module 4: Q&A sessions

Engage with our experienced psychologist for personalized advice tailored to your specific circumstances and concerns.

Special Bonus for Early Access Participants

  1. Lifetime Access: Enjoy continuous updates of the course with the latest cutting-edge research in dementia care.
  2. Exclusive Board Games Discount: Receive a special discount on board games designed specifically for individuals with dementia (launch in the second half of 2024).

Silway Dementia Care Online Course

Early Access Offer for Compassionate Caregivers
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  • 4 expertly crafted modules
  • Q&A session with psychologist
  • Practical advice and excercises

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. The Silway Dementia Care Online Course is designed for regular individuals seeking a deeper understanding of dementia care. You don’t need any previous knowledge about psychology or similar fields. Whether you’re a family member or friend, our course provides valuable insights everyone will be able to understand and implement easily.

Don’t worry about time constraints. You will receive lifetime access to the current course version and all future updates, based on latest research. Take it at your own pace, revisit content whenever you need, and stay connected with the evolving field of dementia care.
Additionally, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to course content and an exclusive discount on board games designed for individuals with dementia, launching in the second half of 2024.

Act fast! The Silway Dementia Care Online Course is currently in early access, offered at a heavily discounted rate of only $47 (the market price will be $997). Secure your spot before February 15 or before 50 participants enroll —whichever comes first. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

Enrolling offers a wealth of benefits, including in-depth knowledge about dementia, increased confidence in handling challenging situations, and valuable insights into enhancing mental well-being of both you and your loved ones with dementia. Additionally, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to course content and an exclusive discount on board games designed for individuals with dementia, launching in the second half of 2024.

The duration depends on your schedule, but taking it slow and engaging with the provided homework, you should be able to complete the course within a week or two. Flexibility is key, ensuring you absorb the content at your own pace while reinforcing your learning through practical exercises.