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Take care of your mind

The mind, like the body, needs regular exercise. Stay in mental shape.
Prevention activities

The brains retain plasticity throughout their lives, so with appropriate exercises we can maintain their vitality and take care of our autonomy and quality of life as long as possible.

Help for people with dementia

People with dementia need an approach that requires a lot of adaptation and special features in communicating with them. Get information on what activities can embellish their moments and keep cognitive abilities in good condition as long as possible.

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Stay in mental shape.

Early prevention has maximum effect.

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Preservation and strengthening of cognitive abilities

are crucial in dementia.

Maintain the vitality of your mind

The brain obtains plasticity and, even in the third life cycle, are sensitive and perceptible to the effects of cerebral exercise.
Strengthening memory or mental activity

Numerous studies indicate that our memory can be strengthened, improved to a certain extent, and in particular slowed down its decline. Preventive action works in both mild and already advanced dementia.

Strengthening sensory-motoric skills or sensory-motoric activity

Sensory perceptions and motor skills go hand in hand: with senses we perceive, with movements we act. We use exercises to strengthen our mental abilities, manual skills, motoric functions, orientation, balance, speech and perceptions.

Strengthening sensory perceptions or sensory activity

The perception of the environment is through our senses like vision, hearing, type, etc. These perceptions are dispersed in different areas of the brain, so sensory training has multiplier effects (e.g. drawing affects the improvement of thought processes, speech, visual perceptions).

Communication and social activities

Ljudje People are social beings. Conversation and socializing with other people have a positive effect on our mood, especially when we enjoy and get self-affirmation in them.

The most popular products for preserving and

strengthening the cognitive abilities for people with dementia

Choose from the wide range of professionally selected activities that will be the closest to your loved ones. You can read tips on how to choose appropriate activities and how to present them to a person with dementia HERE. 

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dementia prevention and dementia education

Get more information on prevention and how to make people with dementia more successful and happy through their days.

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