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A number of studies have shown that our memory can be improved to a certain extent, strengthened and that we can slow down its decline.

Mind and memory are like plants – if we nurture them, they grow stronger. Strengthening attention, logical reasoning, solving problems, memory and executive functions keeps our brains flexible as long as possible in old age. The memory of birth is stored in different parts of the brain, in a multi-layer memory system. With neurons and synapses, a neural network is created that connects several types of memories. People have a memory that serves us in everyday tasks. It allows us to remember events, acquire new knowledge and learn new skills. In memory we store experiences, recognize faces, remember the names of others, where we put off the keys, when we meet up with friends, which favourite music we like to listen to at youth, etc. Memory problems do not usually occur in all types of memories at the same time.

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It is the initial path of the memory system, through which the sensory information travels the same way as it would go through the sieve – we accept important information for ourselves and discard the other. A process that lasts only a few milliseconds is important for what we know consciously and unconsciously. Strengthening short-term memory increases our focused attention. The stimuli that are not part of our attention are decayed, they remain outside our memory, and the stimuli that are part of our attention are stored in a long-term memory. With a short-term memory exercise, we improve perceptual functions and focused attention. Read more

Working memory allows us to temporarily store and process information in the mind in the form of images, sounds, etc. It is a crossroads between short-term and long-lasting memories. Usually, we can hold 7 units (or 2 more or less) of information at once, which we are able to detect, process and remember. The task of working memory is to create information, give them meaning, and then save them in a long-term memory. It also helps us retrieve data from long-lasting memory. When we calculate, solve the crossw/delovni-spomin/ord, cook, play chess, etc. we use working memory. Read more

This memory is the center of personal experience, knowledge and skills. It is a warehouse where we store memories in the form of images, feelings, smells, tastes, sounds, etc. The information is arranged in interlaced cognitive networks. When we learn something and we know how to do something, we internalize this knowledge and do not think about how to carry out the task because we do it automatically. Once we learn how to drive a car, we do not think about how to press the foot onto the brake, etc. Long-lasting memories are stored data from a few hours ago to the first memories of early childhood. Read more

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Memory can be strengthened, improved to a certain extent, and in particular we can slow down its decline.