Puzzle for all generations – Little Rabbits


Lovely puzzle with the photographic image of two rabbits fosters pleasant emotions. 15 large, easy grip pieces. Suitable for elderly, people with moderate to advanced dementia and children.

Specially designed puzzle:

  • puzzle was developed in close cooperation with occupational therapists, psychologist and users
  • larger and thicker pieces of the puzzle that are easy to hold
  • specially cut pieces for easier assembling
  • backing board with black & white image with puzzle shape outlines which serves as assistance at assembling (you can use it or not)
  • vibrant colours for faster visual recognition
  • photographic image that calls up memories and encourages communication
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What is the impact of assembling puzzles?

  • Free time activity and cognitive training
  • Encourages communication
  • Helps maintain a vital mind – comparing puzzle pieces and putting them in place strengthens flexible thinking, logical reasoning and concentration.
  • When we move parts of the puzzle, we develop fine motor skills and the visual spatial perception which is needed in everyday tasks (e.g. placing objects in correct spaces, use of space in writing on paper, walking around the room, etc.).
  • Observing the image on the puzzle helps recall memories – realistic and picturesque images allow for faster retrieval of information from the long-term memory, even if the memory is already weakened.
  • Putting together puzzles can perhaps lead even to the state of the flow, when, as in meditation, concentration, relaxation and calmness increase.

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