Bonding Bingo

A treasure trove of memories and creativity

When playing Bonding Bingo, winning isn’t all that important. The real object of the game is to share stories and experiences from your treasure trove of memories.

• Spin the spinner and take a card of the corresponding color, then pick a card with black and white photo.
• Turn the images and emotions on the cards into a logical sentence, answer the questions, or express yourself through the emotions you feel when looking at the images.
• The first person to cover the fields on the mat and shout BINGO is the winner.

The game includes:
→ 186 playing cards
→ 1 spinner
→ 4 mats
→ Packaging dimension: 28 x 28 x 4,5 cm
→ Cards size: 8 x 12 cm, 5,6 x 8,7cm